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The 12th Harmonic, your Secondary Self – The Cinnamon Stars

If there are traumas connected to any placement then you might find you are repelled by rather than attracted to those whose natal charts manifest that planet's duad. However, you will still draw them into your life. For example, The duads or dwads of your Sun and Moon can describe the Sun sign or Moon sign of a parent, if these don't then in a natural birth the MC-IC, and their duads will describe the Sun sign of at least one of the parents and sometimes both.

A parent or grandparent will often have the Ascendant, Moon or Nodes in the sign or the duad of the sign of the Ascendant or Descendant. There is always an interchange between the sign and duads of the Moon and Ascendant-Descendant of parent and child in a natural birth. So from duads you can see which qualities are genetically inherited from which parent and their family line, as well as the qualities you pass through to your children.

If the birth was not natural but had some form of medical assistance or the baby was stuck in the birth canal during labor, then you may not find this pattern in the family line.

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The person would still be drawn to those whose natal chart echoed his or her duads and perhaps find these people more like 'family' than their own. Duad Charts As the duads describe a mini zodiac within each sign, it is easy to work out a separate duad chart.

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For example, well-known Australian astrologer Jill Amery 1 May , 2. Basil Fearrington 1st August , 7. He also has many other connections, all describing an important and destined association. Synastry Duad-to-natal synastry is much more powerful and often more compulsive than natal-to-natal synastry and is the precursor to natal synastry. If the duad or dwad connections to each other's natal are not there, you are just not very drawn to that person regardless of how powerful your natal to natal synastry seems.

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It will strongly respond to transits over that degree. Nicole Kidman has been known in her roles as intense, cold, morbid and sexual. She has been given the title of the Ice Queen for her unemotional, stern and cold demeanors and appearances.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

It is quite plutonic terms she has been given. Her Duad Pluto is conjunct her natal Ascendant: She embodies the pluto energies in her physical self-sexual, cold, mesmerizing, influential, intense-strangely her roles are characterized by these traits too. She has a packed eighth house. Most of her debut films such as the others were eighth house focused. She finds a fulfilling personal and spiritual feelings when expressing herself creatively. Her fifth Sun is the sign of acting; pisces is the sign of actors and visual arts. Her Duad sun aspects Natal Pluto which further indicate her plutonian tendencies in her roles and in her identity.

Cayce is the world most renowned psychic. Pisces is the sign of psychics and healers. When you have your duad and natal sun in the same sign, the energy is strengthen and expressed strongly. Something I noticed about people who rise to power is that they have either a strong configured patterns with Saturn or Pluto which indicates a need to obtain power, to obtain wealth, to obtain will power, to fulfill duty and responsibility.

His Duad vertex which symbolizes our destiny-we are going through, events-are occurring in our life-, themes-we experience in our life is conjunct his natal Pluto which means,for obama case,a destined life to rise to power, o accommodate a strong will of power. His duad Sun is 6deg away from his Natal pluto, but since the orb is questioned we better not consider it.

Duads and Interpretations

His Duad Ascendant conjunct natal Neptune shows a man with great charisma and influence also possible fraud and deception. With Duad Saturn opposite natal Mercury and Sun in Virgo it indicates his disciplined, skillful speaking abilities. I took Stephen King as an example. His Duad Mercury conjunct his natal venus and 3degree away from his sun.

He has sun in his Eighth house which explains his tendencies to write about mystery and horror. A lot of writers has the same configuration or a pattern. Try hanging upside-down yourself and look around you. Does it not all look so different?!

Your perspective has changed completely, yet the physical surroundings are exactly the same as when you were looking at it from an upright position. The Hanged Man asks you to turn your world around and view your situation differently. When you do this, you will find something new that will prove to be of greater value to you on a much deeper level.

It may be that you have to sacrifice your previous beliefs or even way of life but it is a time of renewal and your life will go forward. When I read the passage above, I see a connection with this tarot card and the 12th harmonic. Our usual way of life is our natal chart, and the reversal-the different angle- is our duad points.

When we upside-down- I mean when we merge the duad with the natal- we see things in a different perspective but our physical surroundings-the natal chart-stays the same.

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We are asked to look at our duads life lessons through the position in natal chart and aspect to natal points and planets, and then we will find something new that will prove to be of greater value to us on a much deeper level. The chart you are using in your example. Is not a valid chart It is not his chart. The Birth Certificate post was a Fake item.

Like Like. Hello Davilla, I agree with you actually. Now looking back I regret posting his chart because of the controversy surrounding it.

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  • The 12th Harmonic, your Secondary Self?

Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Do you know the 12th harmonic? Influence: In my experience with both of methods, the 12th harmonic shows a channeled worldly energies, motivations, personal characteristics that are not explained in the birth chart , whereas the dwad reveals karmic connections, relationships insights. How dwad explains karmic connections and energies we are meeting down our path. Where we Fall, Harmoniously: Our Spiritual Shelter The positions of the duads point in the natal map is crucial -sometimes crucial than the positions of the natal planets- It represents the urge to escape into your spiritual aspect.

Where we are focused, directed: It is a common pattern in duad interpretation to find a conjuncted group or stellium of duad planets and points falling in a natal house or a sector. Their personal image will be focused on sexuality, power, death, intensity and so such themes will be seen by the others in that person I noticed how important to examine the MC duad as it telling us the hidden desire for a career. Edgar Cayce, a Healer and a Mystic: Cayce is the world most renowned psychic.

Barack Obama, US President: Something I noticed about people who rise to power is that they have either a strong configured patterns with Saturn or Pluto which indicates a need to obtain power, to obtain wealth, to obtain will power, to fulfill duty and responsibility.