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They are known as Bhava-Suchaka -Navamsas. The charts below are also given according to system followed in the North India because application of the principle can be followed at ease. He is in Dhanus Navamsa, which falls in the 4th house in Rasi chart hence Sukhamsa-yuktah. Dhruva Nadi - Mesha Lagna - P If more planets fall in Bhagyamsa. Karmamsa, Labhamsa, Lagnamsa or Sukhansa, the native leads a happy and prosperous life. Conversely if more planets occupy Shashthamsah, Nidhanamsa. Book 3. Book 3 p. In the Standard Horoscope, the Sun, the 2nd lord aspects Mithuna sign in the 12th house.

Book 3, page verse Book 3, p. Book 2, p. Additional results: Quarrels; disease in eyes and throat; loss of wealth; mental agony will come to pass; etc XVI, sloka Book 1, p. It: trinal signs are Vrishabha and Kanya. When transit Jupiter comes to the sign identical with the said Navamsa, on the degrees of that sign lord, one will beget a son.

Its trine signs are Mithuna and Thula. Amsa Nadi, P. Boo 3, p. For Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, full verses are not traced bu a combined verse for the results of Mars, Venus and Mercury i stated below, vide D. Most of the verses quoted in this chapter are from that book.

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VIII verses 56 to 61 6 verses - Dr. If this Rasi is afflicted, then a bad future is going to set in. Jupiter debilitated, denotes quarrels with Brahmins. Ketu causes troubles from ghosts. Gulika causes trouble in shape of Abhichara. The above rules for Prasna can be applied to Chandra Navamsa Rasi in a nativity. January Rahu had caused once food poisoning in life. Sunfa yoga is caused: or 2 by a planet in the 12th sign therefrom.

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If the above referred Rasi in the natal chart is not flanked by the planets in the 2nd and the 12th signs i. Dura-Dhara Yoga is caused. It is said that the Moon bring in Kendra from the ascendant and also bring aspected by Jupiter 9th aspect from the 8th house Kema Druma yoga is nullified. Book 1 p. Transit of Jupiter for favourable results through the same signs be considered. Why the author Achyuta has taken into account the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars only? This period of conjunction varies from 1. Recently this subject of dispositors has been elaborately dealt with by J. Both these authors have deduced their findings from Nadi literature.

This principle of dispositorship is of universal application and is freely used in standard texts. Dispositors are of two types - viz - Rasi dispositor and Navamsa dispositor. Unique methods of application of these two dispositors are explained in this chapter.

The Enigma of Life

Vrischika and Makara signs is productive of more good results, because either of them becomes powerful in each of these signs. Only in sign Kataka or Makara, one is exalted and the other is debilitated simultaneously. Its present value goes to several lakhs of rupees. A transit conjunction of these 3 planets. After studying this article a scholar friend Dr. The depositors of any Bhavadhipati in Rasi and Navamsa will decide the good or bad effects of that Bhava in Gochara conjunction. You have really given us a beautiful technique which you have found out from the Nadi-texts. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in transit will confer favourable results pertaining to the 11th and 4th houses Venus.

The conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in transit will confer similar results pertaining to the 9th and 6th houses Jupiter. The ascendant Rasi and Navamsa dispositors, the Moon and Mercury in transit conjunction will always give some good result, every month. How important is the Navamsa lord in regard to the life span of a newly born child passing away instantly! What would happen if the Rasi and Navamsa dispositors of the lords of some other houses viz.

It is a point of research. All the above four different uses of Rasi and Navamsa dispositors are simply wonderful. Great calamity will result in the 2nd half of Dasa. Notes: In the Standard Horoscope 1 The navamsa dispositor of the natal ascendant lord is saturn Makara Navamsa ; 2 No planet in conjunction with the 7th lord saturn in the 12th house; 3 The Navamsa dispositor of the 5th lord is Mercury Mithuna Navamsa.

An interesting chart of a boy 15 years old appended below is worth studying. He breathed his last on the way before reaching hospital. Birth details: Date of birth - Wednesday. Dasa balance Venus 10M m d. It may be noted that Rasi and Navamsa dispositors of the ascendant lord have caused havoc in this case. Example 2. Nathuram V. Godse Chart Ref. He was executed ib He was having Jupiter Dasa to and Mercury Bhukti from to Yogas for childhood danger J. Else, the child will quit the world in its 8th year.

Say Saturn is in Simha 24th degree while Mars is in sigi Vrishabha.


Mars aspects Saturn. Saturn in turn beget!


Vrishchika Navamsa ruled by Mars. This way, all such combina tions be understood. Notes: In the S.

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Santhanam He has brought to light selected rules from Suka Nadi containing about verses. Bhasin In this book also Shri Bhasin has referred to Rasi dispositors only of various planets, their positions, aspects and certain relations between them etc. Subba Rao Hyderabad In this book he has referred to Stellar dispositors. Page At birth, Saturn will be in a particular constellation, which in turn will relate to a Dasa.

Shri K. March - as follows 'Mr. I have tested these rules and have found that not only Dasa or star lord of Lagna but also that planets occupying such star in Lagna give rise in career. Krurabde means transit of Jupiter through Krura sign. Krura Masa means transit of the Sun through Krura sign.

The transit of Jupiter through Subha sign is said to be Subhabdc and transit of the Sun through Subha sign is said to be Subhamasa. Venkatesa the author of DevaKeralam 2 from page 73 to the end and D. As such Krura signs for them will be more as compared to the remaining six ascendants. These four planets have only one full aspect i.

Saturn is posited in Mesha Navamsa and its trines are Simha and Dhanus. In short and 12 are Krura signs for the native. The remaining five signs and 10 are subha signs. From the table below it can be observed that the deaths of author's close relatives had taken place during the simultaneous transits of Saturn and Jupiter through Krura signs only.

Her aspected sign is Mesha. She is in Mesha Navamsa - trines are Simha and Dhanus.