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உச்சனை உச்சன் பார்க்கும் கமல் ஜாதகம் - முதல்வர் ஆவாரா ? அதிகாரத்தை கைப்பற்ற முடியுமா ?

If these qualities are not brought under control Kamal could become excessively domineering, vindictive and even violent. He performs best when he left to his own devices. Ideally Haasan should own his own business and be his own boss.

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Kamal Haasan should hold fast to his life's dream and work with the determination he possesses to realize it. Kamal can become overly stressed by his driven nature. He needs to be careful about the food he eats and maintain an exercise program he enjoys. Competition sports are often a healthy outlet for a person with Haasan's drive, particularly sports involving running and swimming. Kamal Haasan must not let pride and overconfidence be his masters.

Kamal Haasan Horoscope by Date of Birth | Horoscope of Kamal Haasan Bollywood, Actor, Director

He has to remember that his talents and abilities are a gift from a higher source, which should promote gratitude and humility, rather than pride and conceit. More often than not a person with a 1 Life Path will achieve much in life as long as the drive, creativity, originality and pioneering spirit are fully employed! If ever there was a single moment of total transformation, it was actually the moment of Kamal Haasan's birth. In that instant, Kamal stepped through a door in time into a new reality - the reality of human life.

The most critical number in Haasan's numerology chart is based on the date of his birth - the moment when the curtain went up in Kamal Haasan's life.

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Read more about our numerological interpretation of Kamal Haasan's life path. Create Your profile. Test Your Relationships. Kamal Haasan Life Path Number 1. Exalted Mars moves in direct opposition to natal Jupiter positioned in the tenth house.

Predictions about Kamal Haasan's political future

He needs to take due care in this regard. He is to strive hard to make his presence felt on political front here.

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  • Kamal Hassan Birth Chart Horoscope, Date of Birth, Astro?

He is to achieve success on this count. From around August until the end of the year Venus traverses in its own sign Libra through the first house. This movement of Venus in own sign through the first house is to increase in acceptance level for him. His utterances are to be welcomed by masses in general.

Astrological Highlights

He is to carry more weight in the political circle. Some major important relationships are to come into existence. In turn, this enhances his prospects at all level. During years Jupiter moves through Libra and Scorpio for the most part of the time. Now Jupiter moves through the first house till around October In turn, Jupiter crosses over the natal position of debilitated Sun, exalted Saturn and retrograde Mercury positioned in the first house.

This is to work well in strengthening his position on the political front. Then Jupiter shifts into a fix natured water sign Scorpio. Now Jupiter crosses over natal retrograde Venus. Some political heavyweights are to join his party here. Acceptability level for his efforts on the political front is to enhance. In short amid some adversity, Kamal Haasan, Famous Film Actor is to prove a point and make his presence felt on the political front is to be commendable during years , Pavitra Jyotish analyses.

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